The Art of Packing A Garbage Bag

I am quickly learning that there is a certain art to packing a garbage bag, which involves a process of trial and error. I have started to compile a daily checklist as I prepare my garbage bag for the day ahead:

Check to see if there are any holes in my garbage bag. If yes, decide if the garbage bag will be able to withstand another day of use. If a garbage bag is no longer usable, it is lovingly folded and tucked away in a container. Hopefully, I will be able to find a creative way to reuse all the garbage bags from the project upon it's completion

Pack only what is absolutely necessary as plastic can only withstand so much weight before ripping. Seriously, this part sucks! Feel free to see what I mean - pull everything out of your purse and put only 1/4 of the stuff back in it. I never realized there could be such agony in deciding of 3 Chapstick flavours which one I would be able to keep.   

All items must be securely kept in plastic bags to ensure that no sharp or pointed edges come in contact with the garbage bag. The smallest rip in my garbage bag can mean potential disaster.

Always carry a spare garbage bag - just in case.