In the Vancouver Coastal Region over 800 children and youth go through foster care each year. The reality is most of these children and youth enter the system with very little warning or time to properly pack, which often results in their belongings being moved in garbage bags. 

This is where the The Garbage Bag Challenge began...

After doing some research I was unable to receive a concrete answer as to whether foster kids received a suitcase. Having spent 15 years in the foster care system myself I know first hand the importance of having something to call your own and how precious what few belongings you have are. I believe that providing a brand new suitcase to foster children and youth is vital in supporting healthier transitions.

Starting on June 15, 2015 I traded in my purses and am carrying my belongings in a garbage bag for 365 days. My goal is to raise awareness and funds to purchase as many brand new suitcases as possible for foster children and youth in the Vancouver area.

Through out the 365 days I will share photographs of where my garbage bag has been with me here on the blog.